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Things that are scary:

  • getting up in class
  • coughing in class
  • reading out loud in class
  • answering a question in class
  • turning a test in first in class
  • class 

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heart to heart → for the warmth and glorifying shades of happiness that someone could bring to your life.
in another note: (for my bf) because if i close my eyes and think of all these years in which we became friends, and watched this thing grow, i am sure in one way or another it would have shaped to this love. 

01. “heart to heart” – james blunt // 02.“into giants” – patrcik watson // 03. “all you need” - nolita knights // 04. “lullaby” –lord huron // 05. “meet me where you’re going” – cloud cult // 06. “shake” – the head and the heart // 07.“surround you” – echosmith //08.“tiger child” – the young romans //09. “nothing” – lewis watson // 10. “hello my old heart” –the oh hello’s // 11.”you and i ” – johnnyswim 
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i hate looking ugly the first time i meet someone like wait i can do better than this i swear

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#if a cat and a dog got married this is what they would look like

that is actually a perfect description
Anonymous asked: "Jk rowling unilaterally writing that not a single member of slytherin house fought in the battle of hogwarts and instead every single one of them hid like cowards is honestly one of the laziest most flaccid writing decisions of our time"

I whispered:



Tell me again how JK Rowling is a terrible person.

Tell me again how she doesn’t understand the world SHE created.

Tell me again how she didn’t write a very flawed universe to reflect our own very flawed society.

Tell me again how a bunch of children raised in antagonism and prejudice, children, are cowards for siding with their families.

Tell me again how head of Slytherin Slughorn didn’t stay behind and, oh I don’t know, fucking duel Voldemort.

Tell me again. On anon. Don’t show your face, or anything.


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